4Taking Care of Business

In this chapter you will

  • Name your business
  • Learn how to find the best accountant and attorney
  • Determine the best business structure
  • Explore your banking and insurance needs
  • Check zoning laws, licenses, and taxes for which you will be responsible
  • File legal documentation
  • Create a to-do list to organize all that needs to be completed to start your business

Getting Started

You’ve probably figured out by now that there are many tasks to starting a business and getting off the ground. If you have been working through the tasks along the way, you have completed a great deal of the preliminary work that will prepare you for this chapter. You will find a to-do list at the end of this chapter that will remind you of everything that needs to be completed at this stage. Let’s begin by determining what you want to call your consulting business.

What’s in a Name?

What’s in a name? Actually quite a bit. The name you select for your business will have strong implications for how your clients view you and your business. Your business name is the first image you present to your clients.

Selecting your business name requires two important considerations. First, you want to select a name that is easy to remember so your clients will remember to call you. Second, select a name that is professional and establishes your image. If you can also select a name that says what you do, all the better. But it goes beyond that. What will your clients think of when they see ...

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