Appendix D. Glossary


The Apache web server is one of the more successful open source projects.

Apache Foundation.

The Apache Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that administers many projects including the development of the Apache web server, and stewards the Apache Software License.

BSD-style License.

A permissive license containing broad grant of rights, notice provisions, and disclaimers. The OSI-approved version of the BSD license is on the OSI web site. Many licenses that constitute trivial variations of the original BSD license are referred to as BSD type licenses.

Bundle of Rights.

The copyright law is typically referred to as a "bundle of rights"—specifically to reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works, publicly perform, and publicly display.


The programming language developed at AT&T Bell Laboratories in connection with the development of the UNIX operating system.

Cathedral and the Bazaar, The.

The seminal article written by Eric Raymond that describes the theory of the open source development model. In it, he compares the development of a proprietary software product—a cathedral designed by a single source and whose development takes place in a hierarchical fashion—and the open source software product—developed by many contributors whose suggestions compete in a "bazaar" of software development ideas.

Contribution Agreement.

The agreement used by an open source project to convey rights from contributors to the project and its licensees. The model for such ...

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