The Passionate Programmer

Book description

This book is about creating a remarkable career in software development. In most cases, remarkable careers don't come by chance. They require thought, intention, action, and a willingness to change course when you've made mistakes. Most of us have been stumbling around letting our careers take us where they may. It's time to take control. The Passionate Programmer lays out a strategy for planning and creating a radically successful life in software development.

Table of contents

  1. The Passionate Programmer
    1. Copyright
    2. For the Best Reading Experience...
    3. Table of Contents
    4. What Readers Are Saying About The Passionate Programmer
    5. Foreword
    6. Acknowledgments
    7. Introduction
      1. Failure Is Off the Radar!
      2. You Own It
      3. New Edition
    8. Part 1: Choosing Your Market
      1. Lead or Bleed?
      2. Supply and Demand
      3. Coding Don’t Cut It Anymore
      4. Be the Worst
      5. Invest in Your Intelligence
      6. Don’t Listen to Your Parents
      7. Be a Generalist
      8. Be a Specialist
      9. Don’t Put All Your Eggs in Someone Else’s Basket
      10. Love It or Leave It
    9. Part 2: Investing in Your Product
      1. Learn to Fish
      2. Learn How Businesses Really Work
      3. Find a Mentor
      4. Be a Mentor
      5. Practice, Practice, Practice
      6. The Way That You Do It
      7. On the Shoulders of Giants
      8. Automate Yourself into a Job
    10. Part 3: Executing
      1. Right Now
      2. Mind Reader
      3. Daily Hit
      4. Remember Who You Work For
      5. Be Where You’re At
      6. How Good a Job Can I Do Today?
      7. How Much Are You Worth?
      8. A Pebble in a Bucket of Water
      9. Learn to Love Maintenance
      10. Eight-Hour Burn
      11. Learn How to Fail
      12. Say “No”
      13. Don’t Panic
      14. Say It, Do It, Show It
    11. Part 4: Marketing… Not Just for Suits
      1. Perceptions, Perschmeptions
      2. Adventure Tour Guide
      3. Me Rite Reel Nice
      4. Being Present
      5. Suit Speak
      6. Change the World
      7. Let Your Voice Be Heard
      8. Build Your Brand
      9. Release Your Code
      10. Remarkability
      11. Making the Hang
    12. Part 5: Maintaining Your Edge
      1. Already Obsolete
      2. You’ve Already Lost Your Job
      3. Path with No Destination
      4. Make Yourself a Map
      5. Watch the Market
      6. That Fat Man in the Mirror
      7. The South Indian Monkey Trap
      8. Avoid Waterfall Career Planning
      9. Better Than Yesterday
      10. Go Independent
    13. Chapter 1: Have Fun
    14. Appendix 1: Resources
      1. You May Be Interested In…

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  • Title: The Passionate Programmer
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: May 2009
  • Publisher(s): Pragmatic Bookshelf
  • ISBN: 9781934356340