The Power of Failure

Book description

The fear of failure is enough to stop many people in their tracks and lead them to give up without even trying. But bestselling author Charles Manz shows that failure is an essential component of personal and professional success. Using real-life examples and stories, Manz shows that:
Challenges are disguised opportunities
Competition spurs positive change
Setbacks catalyze creative coping skills, and
Collaboration with failure can be an ongoing part of being successful

The Power of Failure offers both inspiration and advice on how failure can provide us with the foundation for long-term success. This book is loaded with inspiring real-life examples and stories, and filled with practical strategies that you can put to use immediately to fulfill your dreams.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Preface
  6. Introduction: Succeeding with the Power of Failure
  7. Part One: Redefining Failure and Success
    1. 1. To Succeed More, Fail More
    2. 2. Be a Successful Learner by Learning from Failure
    3. 3. Recognize Failure as the Lifeblood of Success
    4. 4. Learn the Challenging Secret to Successful Failure Patience
    5. 5. Overcome the Success Catch-22
    6. 6. In the Face of Failure, Search for Opportunities, not Obstacles
    7. 7. To be a Real Success, You Must Fail
  8. Part Two: Winning through Losing
    1. 8. Sometimes when You Win, You Lose
    2. 9. Sometimes when You Lose, You Win
    3. 10. Succeed at Win/Win, not Win/Lose
    4. 11. Succeed at Being a “Tryer” Even when You’re a “Failure”
    5. 12. Help Others Win, Even at Your Own Expense, to Help Yourself
    6. 13. Lose a Disagreement to Build a Relationship
    7. 14. When You Feel that You’re “Losing it,” Declare “Temporary Sanity”
  9. Part Three: Coping with Failure
    1. 15. Accept when Failure ws Really Failure
    2. 16. Choose to be Happy over Being Right
    3. 17. Use EQ to Cooperate with Failure . . . to Succeed
    4. 18. Let Mental Storms Blow Through
    5. 19. Use Failure to Master Yourself
    6. 20. Discover Success at the Point of Maximum Pessimism
    7. 21. Both Beauty and Ugliness are in the Eye of the Beholder
  10. Part Four: Collaborating with Failure
    1. 22. Fail Small to Succeed Big
    2. 23. See the Magnificent in the Minimal
    3. 24. Succeed at Living in the Present Moment
    4. 25. Continually Invest for Success . . . Even in the Face of Failure
    5. 26. Sometimes Choose to Get in over Your Head to Get Ahead
    6. 27. When You Feel Lost and Demoralized by Your Life Path . . .Blaze a New One
  11. Getting Started: The Power of Failure Motto
  12. Notes
  13. Index
  14. The Author

Product information

  • Title: The Power of Failure
  • Author(s): Charles C. Manz
  • Release date: April 2002
  • Publisher(s): Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  • ISBN: 9781605093895