Abbreviations, regular expression flags, 43

abc module

abstract properties, 12921295

avoiding incomplete implementation, 12901291

changes in Python 3, 1356

concrete methods in, 12911292

helper base classes, 12891290

marking class and static methods as abstract, 12951296

overview of, 1279, 1287

registering concrete classes, 12871288

subclassing from base class, 12881289

abort() method, Barrier, 580581

Absolute value, math, 272274

abspath() function, os.path, 302

abs_tol keyword argument, math, 268269

Abstract base classes. See abc module Abstract properties, abc, 12921295

accept() function, selectors, 705, 724

Access control concurrent resources in multiprocessing, 605607

concurrent resources in threading, 581583

configuration ...

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