List of Tables

Chapter 3. The Quick Python overview

Table 3.1. List indices

Chapter 4. The absolute basics

Table 4.1. Pythonic coding conventions

Chapter 5. Lists, tuples, and sets

Table 5.1. List operations

Chapter 6. Strings

Table 6.1. Escape sequences

Table 6.2. String operations

Chapter 7. Dictionaries

Table 7.1. Dictionary operations

Table 7.2. Python values eligible to be used as dictionary keys

Chapter 12. Using the filesystem

Table 12.1. Summary of filesystem values and functions

Chapter 21. Testing your code made easy(-er)

Table 21.1. Test methods in unittest.TestCase

Chapter 22. Moving from Python 2 to Python 3

Table 22.1. Python 2.x vs. Python 3.x code

Chapter 23. Using Python libraries

Table 23.1. String services ...

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