Appendix BSample Due Diligence Request

BELOW IS A preliminary list of documents and other information that Investor and its outside counsel will need to review in connection with the proposed investment. This is a preliminary document request and upon review of any materials provided to us hereunder, additional requests for documents or information may be forthcoming.

Please furnish for our review copies of the following documents or indicate in writing on a copy of this list that none exist. In addition, please provide a written summary of each oral agreement or arrangement which is responsive to the requests set forth below. We would like to receive all materials responsive to this request at our offices. Any documents identified as originals will be returned to you promptly.

Unless otherwise indicated, (i) all requests are for any matters which are currently existing and in effect or which occurred at any time since the Company's incorporation but which are not now existing or in effect, and (ii) each request applies to all past and present direct or indirect subsidiaries (if any), and all predecessors, whether corporations, partnerships, or joint ventures. For purposes of this request, all such entities are included in the term “Company.” Where there is no information responsive to the request, please so indicate by writing “N/A” or the equivalent in the margin.

  1. I. Corporate Records.
    1. Chart showing, or a narrative description of, the corporate, partnership, limited liability ...

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