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The Strategy Pathfinder, 3rd Edition

Book Description

Real-world strategic management practice in an interactive micro-case format

The Strategy Pathfinder presents an innovative, dynamic guide to strategic thinking and practice. Using real-world case examples from companies like Apple, the BBC, Hyundai, LEGO, McDonalds, Nike and SpaceX to illustrate critical concepts, this book enables readers to actively participate in real-world strategy dilemmas and create their own solutions. Strategy Pathfinder’s ‘live’ micro-cases provoke discussion about business models, value creation, new ventures and more, while its complimentary instructional content introduces you to the best ‘classic’ and new tools of strategic management.

Rather than passively reproducing past and current ideas, Strategy Pathfinder encourages strategic thinkers to learn by doing. The book is designed to help the reader to develop a clear understanding of key concepts while shifting your thought processes towards real strategic action and innovation by enabling you to:

  • Use strategy theories and frameworks to engage in analytical and creative discussions about key strategic issues facing real companies today
  • Form strategic views for yourself, and test them against the views of others
  • Effectively make and communicate recommendations based on solid strategic analysis that stand up to scrutiny from multiple stakeholders
  • Become an active producer of new strategic ideas rather than a passive receiver of past wisdom

This third edition has been updated with new chapters and cases to reflect the latest, cutting-edge issues in strategic thinking and practice.  And the updated companion website offers students, instructors and managers more resources to facilitate understanding, interaction and innovation.

As an active learning experience, The Strategy Pathfinder 3rd Edition engages the reader in the work of strategy practitioners. By arming you with the empirical research you need, and the best strategic management theories and frameworks to better analyse situations you're likely to encounter or already facing in your career, The Strategy Pathfinder teaches you how to improve your strategic thinking and practice, and develop your own strategic pathways for the future.

Table of Contents

  1. The Strategy Pathfinder Map
  2. Pathways to Strategy
  3. About the Creators
  4. 1: Strategic Purpose
    1. It’s Not Just About the Money
    2. Vehicles for Strategic Purpose
    3. Where Does an Organisation’s Purpose Come From?
    4. What Are the Constraints on CEO Power?
    5. Who Are the Other Movers and Shakers that Influence Strategic Purpose?
    6. How Can Different Stakeholder Interests Be Managed Strategically?
    7. Who Determines Strategic Purpose?
    8. Strategic Purpose Key Learnings Mind-Map
  5. Part I The Strategic Environment
    1. 2: Macro-Shocks
      1. The Impacts of Macro-Environmental Forces: The Role of Boundedness
      2. Detecting Movements in the Macro-Environment
      3. Analysing Macro-Environmental Forces
      4. Identifying Key Macro-Environmental Forces
    2. 3: Industry Forces
      1. Strategic Hell: Perfect Competition
      2. The Industry Life Cycle
      3. Industry Structure
      4. Industry Forces
      5. Cooperative Forces
      6. Industry Forces Key Learnings Mind-Map
  6. Part II Strategic Advantage
    1. 4: Competitive Advantage
      1. Competitive Advantage
      2. Competitive Strategy
      3. Strategy as Positioning (or “Fit”)
      4. Blue Ocean Strategies
      5. Supporting Competitive Position
      6. Competitive Advantage Key Learnings Mind-Map
    2. 5: Resource-Based Advantage
      1. Culture
      2. Resources and Capabilities
      3. The Future of Culture, Resources and Capabilities as Sources of Strategic Advantage
      4. Resource-Based Advantage Key Learnings Mind-Map
    3. 6: Business Model Advantage
      1. What Are Business Models?
      2. How to Do It?
      3. Barriers to Business Model Innovation
      4. Is a Business Model the Same as a Strategy?
      5. Business Model Advantage Key Learnings Mind-Map
    4. 7: Corporate Advantage
      1. Why Does the Multi-Business (M-form) Exist?
      2. What Businesses Should They Be In?
      3. Corporate Strategy in Practice
      4. Corporate Advantage and the Role of the Centre
      5. Corporate Advantage Key Learnings Mind-Map
  7. Part III Strategic Growth
    1. 8: New Ventures
      1. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
      2. External New Ventures
      3. The Best Approach to New Ventures? It’s About Strategic Choices …
      4. New Ventures Key Learnings Mind-Map
    2. 9: Crossing Borders
      1. Why Do Countries Specialise and Organisations Trade Across National Boundaries?
      2. Why Do Organisations Leave Their Home Countries?
      3. What Are the Obstacles to Crossing Borders?
      4. What Strategies Can Be Used for Competing Internationally?
      5. Which Borders Should Be Crossed?
      6. What Methods Can Be Used for Crossing Borders?
      7. How Can Organisations Retreat and Retrench Back from New Markets?
      8. How Can Organisations Structure Themselves for Competing Across Borders?
      9. Crossing Borders Key Learnings Mind-Map
    3. 10: Leading Strategic Change
      1. Conventional Intervention Models for Leading Change
      2. Newer (and More Nuanced) Frameworks for Guiding Change
      3. The Strategic Leadership Challenge: Blending Change and Continuity
      4. Leading Change Key Learnings Mind-Map
    4. 11: Evaluating Strategic Performance
      1. Accounting-Based Performance Measures
      2. Stock Market Performance Measures
      3. Strategy Assessment
      4. Broader Views of Performance: Ethics and Sustainability
      5. Business Ethics and Corporate Integrity
      6. Sustainability and The Triple Bottom Line
      7. Balance in All Things: The Balanced Scorecard and Risk Assessment Matrix
      8. Strategic Evaluation Key Learnings Mind-Map
  8. Part IV Maverick Strategies
    1. 12: The Maverick: Six Senses of Strategy
      1. VISUAL Observations of Strategy
      2. AUDIO Observations of Strategy
      3. TASTE Observations of Strategy
      4. OLFACTORY Observations of Strategy
      5. KINETIC Observations of Strategy
      6. The “SIXTH SENSE” of Strategy? The Keystone
      7. Maverick Strategies Key Learnings Mind-Map
      8. Apple: Sensography in Action
      9. BIPA: More than skin deep?
      10. Exercise Group
  9. Appendices
    1. Practice Cases for Job Interviews
    2. Using The Strategy Pathfinder 3rd Edition for Assessments and Examinations
  10. References
  11. Glossary of Core Strategic Management Concepts
  12. Acknowledgements
  13. Index
  14. EULA