Appendix E. RPM Package Files

Tomcat 6.0 Linux RPM Package Files

This appendix gives the source code to all of the files necessary to generate a set of Linux RPM packages of Tomcat 6.0, which we introduced and detailed in Chapter 1, and a Linux RPM package of an example webapp. You can download Example E-1 through E-5 from this book's web site at

Example E-1. tomcat.spec

# This spec file is configured by the Ant build.xml file that comes # with it. If you want to change variable values, change them either # by invoking the Ant build with properties on the command line # (like "ant") or by setting property values in a # properties file or in build.xml itself. If you only have the SRPM, # however, then this is the place to change the values. # The name of this RPM. This can be changed slightly at build time to # allow generating and installing more than one package for this # component at the same time on the same computer, just with different # installation prefixes and JVM_IDs. %define package_name @PACKAGE_NAME@ # The JVM ID name that this Tomcat JVM should identify itself as. You # can name the JVM ID anything as long as it doesn't contain spaces or # quotes, or other special shell characters like |, >, !, $, or &. %define jvm_id @JVM_ID@ # The username of the user account that the Tomcat instance will run as. %define tomcat_user @TOMCAT_USER@ # The user ID of the user account named in %{tomcat_username}. %define tomcat_uid ...

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