The three books in the Evolution of a Trader series provide numerous tips, trading ideas, and setups based on personal experience and that of others.

Easy to understand tests are used to confirm trading folklore and to illustrate ideas and setups, and yet the books are an entertaining read with an engaging style that appeals to the novice.

Each section has bullet items summarizing the importance of the findings. A checklist at chapter's end provides an easy-to-use summary of the contents and reference of where to find more information.

At the end of each book is a topic checklist and reference.

Trading Basics

The first book in the series begins with the basics, creating a solid foundation of terms and techniques. Although you may understand market basics, you will learn from this book.

How do I know? Take this quiz. If you have to guess at the answers, then you need to buy this book. If you get some of them wrong, then imagine what you are missing. Answers are at the end of the quiz.

From Chapter 2: Money Management

1. True or false: Trading a constant position size can have disastrous results.

2. True or false: A market order to cancel a buy can be denied if it is within two minutes of the Nasdaq's open.

3. True or false: Dollar cost averaging underperforms.

From Chapter 3: Do Stops Work?

1. True or false: Fibonacci retracements offer no advantage over any other number as a turning point.

2. True or false: A chandelier stop hangs off the high price.

3. True ...

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