The Road to Strategic IT Management

In Part I (Chapters 1 through 6) we focused on current conditions affecting business and IT, with particular attention given to turbulence, the resulting uncertainty it brings, and the resulting pressure on both business and IT to do things faster. The outcome we need is adaptability: the rapid capability of business and IT to react to new conditions. We also focused on trust and partnership, the necessary conditions between business and IT that permit working tougher to achieve adaptability, the response to turbulence and uncertainty. And we introduce the notion that the enterprise in general and the business units in particular have many opportunities and means for acquiring information and IT. The ability to identify them and make the right decisions about sourcing is increasingly vital as these opportunities flourish. At the same time, we acknowledge that the current “best practices” that purport to connect business and IT aren't working well. As a result, the conditions of trust and partnership between business and IT, which are needed in order to respond to turbulence and uncertainty, simply don't exist there.

In Part II (Chapters 7 through 11), we focused on the conditions necessary to build that trust and partnership in ways that promote the capabilities needed for adaptability and response to turbulence and uncertainty (Exhibit III.1). We group these conditions in ways that also address the current limitations of the ...

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