Any person with moderate word processing skills can operate the Umbraco Rich Text Editor (RTE) data type. Built with ease of use in mind, the TinyMCE editing control provides the user with a very familiar and standardized set of tools for managing content. The standard tools with which Umbraco ships are shown in Figure 8-10 and described in Table 8-1.

TABLE 8-1: Umbraco's Rich Text Editor Tools



Any content that you need to publish on your website that has formatting (bold, italicize, bulleted lists, images, paragraphs, etc.), should be entered using the Umbraco RTE data type. The meat of your page is a valid candidate for this data type because the probability of needing to format the content using styles and images is very likely. The contradiction to this case might be the output of a simple summary paragraph that needs no author-injected styling, but would be rendered as part of your templates (ex. news article listing). In this case, you want to retain the control of the output and therefore you might use the Textstring Multiple data type instead.

image For a detailed description of the standard Umbraco data types, please see Appendix D.

FIGURE 8-10 ...

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