You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.

Carl Jung


Blockchains can enable the more equitable sharing of value creation between a contributor and the business that benefits from the contribution. Compensating fairly for the value contributed to a network could be the next step in a natural progression toward a more sustainable digitally driven world.

Consumers are accustomed to contributing great volumes of data and content to companies with little direct compensation. This has created an imbalance, of which consumers are increasingly aware.

Blockchains can provide plumbing to facilitate more equitable sharing of value. And they offer a new benefit of the digital experience: feature-rich compensation for consumer contribution.

As the space evolves, innovators will launch viable alternatives that embody this paradigm. As consumers are exposed to these alternatives, this will change the equation of what a consumer is willing to give up versus what they get. Over time, consumers will be trained to recognize the true value of their contribution and will be influenced by which brands or businesses compensate them most fairly for the value they help create.

The Setting

Imbalance is Baked into our Digital Norms

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