About the Website

Please visit this book’s companion website at www.wiley.com/go/steinfairhurst for more information on the tools discussed in this book. The website includes additional instructions, materials, downloads, and handy tips including:

  • Instructions:
    • A detailed document containing instructions for how to use tools for which instructions differ between versions—for those still using Excel 2003.
  • Materials:
    • Excel Versions (Chapter 5).
    • Additional Material:
      • Basic Formatting (Chapter 7).
      • Break-Even Analysis (Chapter 9).
      • How to Create a Basic Line Chart (Chapter 12).
  • Downloadable Resources:
    • Online resources including a list of websites, blogs, and tutorials for Excel and financial modelling (Chapter 1).
    • Shortcuts (Windows Version) (Chapter 5).
    • Shortcuts (Mac Version) (Chapter 5).
    • QA Log template (Chapter 10, Appendix 10.1).
  • Models:
    • Model Assessment Checklist (Chapter 3).
    • Salary Sacrifice Calculator (Chapter 7).
    • Scenario Comparison (including both Exercise and Completed Versions) (Chapter 11).
    • Waterfall Chart (including both Exercise and Completed Versions) (Chapter 12).

. . . and much more.

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