Reviews: Create an Online Review System Using JReviews Express

Helen has decided to give her users the ability to rate various pet products on the market. She’s just installed JReviews and the Setup Check (see Figure 18-34) in the center of the home screen shows we need to do a few things before JReviews will work.

JReviews home screen

Figure 18-34. JReviews home screen

Setting Up Review Sections and Categories in Joomla

Since JReviews is associated with your Joomla categories just like your articles are, we’ll need to set those up first. Think about how many different types of review categories you might need. Helen will set up a different section for each animal type, like “Pet Products” and a category for each type of product like “Dog Products” and “Cat Products.” For help on setting up sections and categories in Joomla, refer to Chapter 5.

Setting Up Review Criteria

The next step is to set up the criteria by which your users will rate the products. Helen wants users to be able to rate products based on different criteria for either dog or cat products.

First, Helen sets up her criteria that will apply to all the dog products she’ll have:

  1. Go to ComponentsJReviews Express in the top menu and then choose Criteria Manager from the menu on the left to open the Criteria Manager. ...

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