Visual Analytics with Tableau is intended to be a step‐by‐step introduction to the world of visual analytics. My hope is that you will find the provided examples to be useful for learning how to analyze your own data in Tableau. And how to effectively communicate the new insights gained from these analyses, just like the many Tableau users with whom I have had the privilege of working in recent years.

The book should be of interest to the following audiences:

  • Business professionals who make data‐informed decisions on a day‐to‐day basis.
  • Analysts and developers who create visualizations and dashboards for their organizations.
  • Data scientists who want to quickly understand the data in front of them, before perhaps running more sophisticated models on it.
  • Generally, anybody with access to data and with a desire to understand it.

To follow the contents of this book and to get started with Tableau, you do not need a background in mathematics or any programming experience. The book is suitable for beginners and for those who are looking for a practical introduction to the fields of data analysis and visualization.

That doesn't mean we will restrict ourselves to the basic functionality of Tableau. The first three chapters go through the essentials step by step. But this book goes deeper than that.

Building on this foundation, we will then look at more sophisticated use cases aimed at more experienced practitioners. We will cover a number of Tableau features that should ...

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