Appendix F. ATM Case Study Code

ATM Case Study Implementation

This appendix contains the complete working implementation of the ATM system that we designed in the Software Engineering Case Study sections found at the ends of Chapters 1, 38, 10 and 14. The implementation comprises 877 lines of C++ code. We consider the classes in the order in which we identified them in Section 4.13:

  • ATM

  • Screen

  • Keypad

  • CashDispenser

  • DepositSlot

  • Account

  • BankDatabase

  • Transaction

  • BalanceInquiry

  • Withdrawal

  • Deposit

We apply the guidelines discussed in Section 10.12 and Section 14.11 to code these classes based on how we modeled them in the UML class diagrams of Fig. 14.28 and Fig. 14.29. To develop the definitions of classes’ member functions, we refer to the activity diagrams presented ...

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