5.5. RLS problem determination and recovery

In this section we describe common problems with RLS and suggest some actions. There are a number of information APARs in IBMLINK that describe common problems in VSAM and what you can do resolve them. These APARs also tell you what documents you should collect before reporting the problem to IBM. Please review APAR II12927 as a starting point.

5.5.1. Problems with SHCDS

Please review “SHCDS considerations” on page 255 to ensure that you have taken care of those issues when you defined your SHCDS. Refer to information APAR II13326 (“II13326 - Common problems with SHCDS” on page 444) for guidelines to diagnose SHCDS problems. Also review IBMLINK items BDC000010564 (“BDC000010564” on page 451) and ...

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