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Walk Like a Giant, Sell Like a Madman

Book Description

Ralph Roberts is a dedicated and passionate professional. He lives by the words he writes.

-Danielle Kennedy, speaker and author of How to List and Sell Real Estate, Double Your Income in Real Estate Sales, and workingmoms.calm

"Roberts has tapped into much more than selling. This book is a great instrument for the business community. It details how to become successful in life regardless of the challenges. Ralph is teaching us how to make certain that we are well organized, focused, and on target. I highly recommend this text for all types of people. A great book, easy to read, and full of solid information, Roberts is offering us something that will really make a difference."

-Carl S. Taylor, Professor, College of Social Science, Michigan State University

"Sales is more than just selling something-it's a process and a total image! Walk Like a Giant, Sell Like a Madman is more than a book-it's a success blueprint for anyone involved in any type of sales. Ralph is the master madman!"

-Chip Cummings, CEO, Northwind International Corp.

"Novice to veteran, no matter what industry, every salesperson will gain new ideas from this book. Don't miss out; your competition won't!"

-Lance N. Avery, President, Greyhound Technologies, Ltd.

"Last year, I spent $12,000 on sales coaching. I could have saved myself a fortune by simply buying Walk Like a Giant, Sell Like a Madman. Ralph Roberts is an expert salesman who knows the ropes, and he generously shares his secrets in this must-have guide."

-Eric Pruitt, Realtor, Home Selling Team

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. About the Authors
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. Introduction
  5. Taking the Seven Steps to Sales Success
    1. Step One: Be a Salesperson, Not an Order Taker
    2. Step Two: Get All the Education You Can
    3. Step Three: Spend Money to Make Money
    4. Step Four: Follow in the Footsteps of Success
    5. Step Five: Nurture Relationships
    6. Step Six: Master the Tools of Your Trade
    7. Step Seven: Stick to It
    8. Your Chapter 1 Checklist
  6. Motivating Yourself with Goals and Rewards
    1. Setting a Goal
    2. Keeping It Realistic ... or Not
    3. Setting Deadlines
    4. Breaking Down Your Goal into Milestones
    5. Choosing a Reward
    6. Envisioning Your Future Achievement
    7. Rewarding Yourself in Advance
    8. Your Chapter 2 Checklist
  7. Becoming Accountable through Personal Partnering
    1. Choosing a Partner
    2. Identifying Areas for Improvement
    3. Writing a Partnering Plan
    4. Meeting with Your Partner
    5. Your Chapter 3 Checklist
  8. Stop Hunting, Start Farming
    1. Choosing Your Farm
    2. Sowing the Seeds of Future Business
    3. Surviving the Transition from Hunter to Farmer
    4. Your Chapter 4 Checklist
  9. Catering to Marketplace Diversity
    1. Exploring Different Demographics
    2. Letting Your Customer Take the Lead
    3. Getting Curious
    4. Your Chapter 5 Checklist
  10. Hiring Your First Assistant
    1. Everyone Needs at Least One Assistant
    2. Why We Hesitate
    3. Start Small, Grow Large
    4. Adding More and More
    5. Knowing Whom to Hire
    6. Visual or Virtual?
    7. Hire the Best You Can Get
    8. Avoid Snap-Judgment Hiring
    9. Assign Meaningful Job Titles
    10. Train Them, Then Trust Them
    11. Pay Them to Keep Them
    12. Be Kind to Them—They're Only Human
    13. Your Chapter 6 Checklist
  11. Assembly Line Selling
    1. Breaking Everything You Do into Steps
    2. Tracking Transactions: A Case Study
    3. Expanding Your Business with Systems
    4. Not Perfect, but Good
    5. Your Chapter 7 Checklist
  12. Hosting Your Own Hour of Power
    1. Hour of Power Origins
    2. The Goal: Pearls Called Referrals
    3. No Selling!
    4. No Interruptions!
    5. Make the Commitment
    6. Keep a Tally Sheet
    7. Just Do It!
    8. Force Yourself into the Zone
    9. Extend Your Hour of Power to Other Tasks
    10. Focus on Dollar-Productive Activities
    11. Your Chapter 8 Checklist
  13. Dating Your Leads before Someone Else Does
    1. It Takes Five to Seven Contacts to Make a Sale
    2. Implement a Foolproof Lead Follow-Up System
    3. Remain Persistent without Being Overbearing
    4. Your Chapter 9 Checklist
  14. Building a Brand through Shameless Self-Promotion
    1. The Emphasis Is on Self
    2. Comprehensive and Unrelenting
    3. Discovering Your Unique Brand Focus
    4. Designing an Attractive Marketing Packet
    5. Doing Regular Press Releases
    6. Establishing a Strong Internet Presence
    7. Generating Free Publicity and Positive Press
    8. Investing in Paid Advertising
    9. Marketing through Professional and Personal Networks
    10. Your Chapter 10 Checklist
  15. Blogging Your Way to Credibility
    1. Understanding the Basics
    2. Test Driving a Blog for Free
    3. Choosing a Blog Host and Platform
    4. Avoiding the Temptation to Advertise
    5. Earning Higher Search Engine Rankings
    6. Your Chapter 11 Checklist
  16. Tapping the Power of Social Media Marketing
    1. What Constitutes Social Media?
    2. Grasping the Pros and Cons of Social Media Marketing
    3. Taking Advantage of Social Media Marketing
    4. Your Chapter 12 Checklist
  17. Creating and Maintaining Your Own Web Site
    1. Securing Your Own Domain
    2. Planning Your Web Site
    3. Hiring a Professional Web Designer
    4. Promoting Your Web Site
    5. Your Chapter 13 Checklist
  18. Blasting Out of Your Sales Slump
    1. Hold Yourself Accountable
    2. Figure Out What's Changed
    3. Set a Goal and Reward
    4. Surround Yourself with Positive People
    5. Focus on the Fundamentals
    6. Pick up the Phone
    7. Grow Out of It
    8. Ramp up Your Marketing Efforts
    9. Shadow a Top Producer or Hire a Coach
    10. Start Now!
    11. Work on Today's Business, Tomorrow's Business, and Future Business
    12. Your Chapter 14 Checklist
  19. Building and Managing Your Own Sales Team
    1. What Is a Sales Team?
    2. Taking a Lesson from Your Dentist
    3. Identifying the Benefits of Sales Teams
    4. Knowing When You Need a Team
    5. Drawing up Your Team Roster
    6. Keeping Your Sales Team on Track
    7. Honing Your Team Management Skills
    8. Your Chapter 15 Checklist
  20. You're Fired! Firing Your Worst Clients
    1. Identifying Your Best Clients
    2. Retaining Your Best Clients
    3. It's Not You; It's Me—Letting Them Down Easy
    4. Adding Better Clients
    5. Your Chapter 16 Checklist
  21. Becoming a Lifelong Learner
    1. Attend Industry Conferences
    2. Read Industry-Related News and Reports
    3. Read a Book
    4. Listen to Audio Books
    5. Take a Class
    6. Explore New Technologies
    7. Obtain Advice from a Mentor or Coach
    8. Spread the Word
    9. Your Chapter 17 Checklist
  22. Partnering Your Way to Unlimited Success
    1. Tapping the Synergistic Power of Business Partnerships
    2. Forming Partnerships to Fill the Gaps
    3. Three Steps to Partnering Your Way to Success
    4. Drawing Up a Partnership Agreement
    5. Forming Unique Business+Business Partnerships
    6. Your Chapter 18 Checklist
  23. Scaling Your Business with Virtual Assistants
    1. What Is a Virtual Assistant?
    2. How Do You Know You Need a Virtual Assistant?
    3. Deciding What to Delegate to Your Virtual Assistant
    4. Finding a Qualified and Experienced Virtual Assistant
    5. Communicating with Your Virtual Assistant
    6. The Times, They Are a-Changing—and So Should You!
    7. Your Chapter 19 Checklist
  24. Making Rain: Taking on the Role of Rainmaker
    1. Embracing Change
    2. Viewing Problems as Opportunities
    3. You Are the Visionary
    4. Keeping Track of What Works and What Doesn't
    5. Maintaining a Steady Rainfall
    6. Final Thoughts
    7. Your Chapter 20 Checklist