Chapter 3. Examples of Service-Differentiated Polycloud Architectures

Differentiation based on features and capabilities is an important part of polycloud architectures whether or not the cloud providers were specifically selected for those features and requirements.

What are some cloud provider differentiated features that lead to polycloud architectures? There are many examples that are worth considering. The examples here use different cloud providers for different parts of the application because they provide service characteristics that are better than, or simply different from, other providers:

Cost of storage

When an application requires significant amounts of storage capabilities, the cost of that storage can be a major driver in overall cloud infrastructure costs. This can lead to storage cost and/or the availability of different classes of storage being important selection criteria.

Cost of computation

All major cloud providers offer computation, and most of them provide cost-effective options for computation. However, an application’s specific computation needs may best be served by one or more specific cloud providers, and that provider may offer cost options that are more competitive for your particular application.

Service architecture specialization

There are other types of service specializations that are unique to or at least enhanced in one provider over another provider. GCP, for example, has the deepest integration of Kubernetes in its cloud infrastructure. ...

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