Chapter 8. What People Are Saying

By the numbers, React seems to be gaining a tremendous amount of momentum, but numbers don’t always tell the full story. The following are examples of how companies are reacting to this new tool.


React tends to make your code very easy to refactor and iterate on.

Leland Richardson, How Airbnb Uses React


Incorporating functional purity in every component...has allowed us to develop large parts of our application in React while maintaining simplicity and performance.

Eric Pelz, Designing Simpler React Components


The dev speed we’ve gained…proves that we can release new client features faster and with more confidence on this platform than on any native client.

Rich Manalang, Rebuilding HipChat with React.js

Facebook Ads

It was extremely difficult to change without causing some side effect or bug somewhere else in the application…When the team rebuilt it in React, they found that their rate of new bugs being introduced had gone through the floor.

Spencer Ahrens, The Changelog, episode 149

When a bug did come in, it was much easier to figure out what was going wrong and make a targeted fix.

Spencer Ahrens


React has exceeded our requirements and enabled us to build a tremendous foundation on which to innovate the Netflix experience.

Jordanna Kwok, Netflix Likes React


We are big believers in React.

Richard Herrera, NFL + React


We love React at PayPal.

Sam Selvanathan, Isomorphic React ...

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