acetaminophen, 140

acquaintances, 148

action plan, for starting relationships, 145–149

activities and events

finding or creating, 208

happiness determined by, 207, 208

outside, invitations to, 157

for welcoming newcomers, 201–202


new situations in, 19

performance mindsets in, 171–172

Allen, Tom, on asking questions, 117

Allport, Gordon, on names, 87

altruism, reciprocal, 153

American Idol (TV show), 169

anxiety, 13–14, 26–39

benefit and disadvantages of, 17

biological and cultural evolution of, 29–34

and civilization, 37–39

and cognitive dissonance, 27–28

and creativity, 28–29

key skills as source of, 5, see also individual skills

reducing, see reducing anxiety

in social situations, 24–37

taking action despite, 213–214

appearance, ...

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