Whiteboard Selling: Empowering Sales Through Visuals

Book description

Create compelling whiteboard presentations to engage your customers and win their business

Whiteboard Selling offers a step-by-step approach to transforming your message and selling style by using powerful visual stories that inspire and engage customers and prospects. Free your sales force from relying on slides and other static sales tools during the sales process. Whiteboard Selling offers practical guidance and skills to enable marketing and sales teams to quickly adopt visual story telling practices that apply to today's fast-moving, competitive selling environment.

  • Explains how to take a sales message inventory

  • Illustrates how to design your visual stories

  • Empowers your sales force to tell the story and extend the reach of visual storytelling

Through the power of technology and effective storytelling, you and your team can create and deliver effective presentations that engage your customers, hold their attention, and win their business. Whiteboard Selling shows you how.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Foreword
  5. Introduction
    1. Is Selling with Visuals a New Idea?
    2. How This Book Is Different
    3. Is It the Whiteboard That Matters?
    4. How You Should Use This Book
  6. Part 1: The End of the Age of Slides
    1. Chapter 1: The Role of Presentation Slides in Today's Sales Culture
      1. How Did We Get Here?
      2. From Foils to Slides
      3. Have We Moved Forward or Backward?
      4. How Slides Harm the Sales Process
      5. Overwhelming with Slide Candy
      6. Longer Sales Cycles
      7. Slides Get Around
      8. The Premeeting Slide Shuffle
      9. Hey, Where's Your Projector?
      10. In the Hot Seat
    2. Chapter 2: The Role of Slides in Today's Sales Training
      1. The Battle of the Slide Bulge
      2. The Slide Agenda from Hell
      3. It's the Norm
      4. The Typical Annual Kickoff
      5. Where Did That Slide Come From?
      6. Slide-Fry Your Brain Online
    3. Chapter 3: Self-Assessment: Are You Slide-Addicted?
      1. Scoring
  7. Part 2: The Visual Selling Opportunity
    1. Chapter 4: The Power of the Pen
      1. “I Don't Need a Sword—I Already Whiteboard”
      2. “I Don't Need Slides or a Whiteboard”
      3. Be Different!—And Lighten Your Load at the Same Time
    2. Chapter 5: The Science Behind Whiteboard Selling
      1. Grabbing the Pen, Not the Computer
      2. Keeping Attention
      3. Bite-Size Chunks
      4. The Power of Stories
    3. Chapter 6: Old Disciplines, New Behaviors
      1. Earn the Right and You'll Earn the Business
      2. Prove You're Listening. “Shhhhh—These Whiteboards Have Ears!”
      3. Be the Subject Matter Expert! You'll Never Write Something on the Whiteboard That's Not in Your Head
      4. Be Flexible—Go with the Flow
      5. Close for Next Steps. Only Then Put the Cap on the Pen
  8. Part 3: What Exactly Is a Whiteboard for Sales?
    1. Chapter 7: When to Use Whiteboards in the Sales Process
      1. Sales Process Agnostic
      2. The Whiteboard Lunch-and-Learn
    2. Chapter 8: The Major Whiteboard Types
      1. The Whiteboard Army Knife
      2. Qualification and Discovery Whiteboards
      3. Why Change Whiteboards
      4. Solution Whiteboards
      5. Competitive Whiteboards
      6. Business Case Whiteboards
      7. Closing Whiteboards
    3. Chapter 9: Whiteboard Case Study
      1. Company Name: Cool Road Trucking
      2. Cool Road's Unique Capabilities
      3. Foody's Fresh Food's Current Situation and Challenges
    4. Chapter 10: Whiteboard Structure, Flow, Content, and Interaction Points
      1. Types of Interaction Points
      2. Whiteboard Architecture Examples
    5. Chapter 11: Qualification and Discovery Whiteboards
      1. The Four-Quadrant Time and Knowledge Qualification and Discovery Whiteboard
      2. The Don't Waste My Time Qualification and Discovery Whiteboard
      3. The Are We a Fit? Qualification and Discovery Whiteboard
    6. Chapter 12: Why Change Whiteboards
      1. It's a Messaging Problem
      2. Wake Up the Old Brain
      3. The Wall Why Change Whiteboard
    7. Chapter 13: Solution Whiteboards
      1. Solution Whiteboard Examples
      2. The Level Set Wheel
      3. The Buying Criteria Solution Whiteboard
      4. The Mountain Solution Whiteboard
      5. The Day-in-the-Life Solution Whiteboard
    8. Chapter 14: Competitive Whiteboards
      1. Bash or Be Bashed
      2. Competitive Whiteboard Examples
    9. Chapter 15: Business Case Whiteboards
    10. Chapter 16: Closing Whiteboards
  9. Part 4: Building a Whiteboard for Sales
    1. Chapter 17: Are You Ready to Whiteboard? Not So Fast!
      1. Individual Sales Contributors
      2. Marketing Managers and Executives
      3. Sales Enablement Teams
      4. Sales Leaders and Executives
      5. Preparing for Your Whiteboarding Initiative
    2. Chapter 18: Choosing the Right Topic for Your Whiteboard
      1. Selecting a Whiteboard Topic
    3. Chapter 19: Forming a Working Team
      1. The Working Team's Core Responsibilities
      2. Who Should Be on the Working Team?
      3. Who Shouldn't Be on the Working Team?
    4. Chapter 20: Taking a Message Inventory
      1. Content Requirements
    5. Chapter 21: The Working Team Template
      1. Whiteboard Name
      2. Target Complete Date
      3. Whiteboard Audience
      4. Delivered by Roles
      5. High-Level Market Trends and Themes
      6. Company/Solution Capabilities
      7. Company/Solution Capabilities Must be “Binary”
      8. Competitive Focus and Silver Bullets
      9. Key References and Case Studies
      10. Third-Party Recognition
    6. Chapter 22: Formalizing Your Whiteboard Design
      1. Basic Whiteboard Design Guidelines
    7. Chapter 23: Packaging Your Whiteboard
      1. Creating Professional Visuals
      2. Adding Key Questions to Ask
      3. Adding Objection Reframes
      4. Packaging Your Whiteboard into Sales Tools
      5. Recording Whiteboard Videos
  10. Part 5: Enabling the Field
    1. Chapter 24: Whiteboard Test Drive
    2. Chapter 25: Field Enablement Options
      1. The Whiteboard Symposium Approach
      2. Large-Scale Whiteboard Symposium Case Study
      3. The Regional Symposium Approach
      4. Remote Symposiums
      5. Online Learning Paths
      6. E-Learning Modules
      7. New Hire Training
    3. Chapter 26: Measuring Success
      1. Post-Training Web Surveys
      2. CRM Integration
      3. Certification
      4. Controlled Studies
  11. Part 6: You Have a Whiteboard, So How Do You Present It and What Do You Leave Behind?
    1. Chapter 27: Whiteboard Presentation Best Practices
      1. Rinse and Repeat
      2. Come Prepared
      3. Watch Your Stance
      4. The Lose-Your-Foot Rule
      5. Engage
      6. Avoid Dead Air
      7. Slow Down!
      8. Manage Your Time!
      9. Go Virtual!
      10. Dialing for Whiteboards
      11. Whiteboards for Lunch
  12. Conclusion
    1. A Path Forward
  13. About Corporate Visions, Inc.
  14. Index

Product information

  • Title: Whiteboard Selling: Empowering Sales Through Visuals
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: April 2013
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118379769