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Why Angular for Enterprise Development

Book Description

Enterprises looking to build robust, reliable, and performant applications are increasingly turning to Angular, a cross-platform solution for building mobile, desktop, and web apps. In this instructive guide, Lukas Ruebbelke and Brian Love take you through the key benefits that are helping enterprises of all stripes save time and money with Angular.

You’ll explore Angular’s support for common enterprise patterns, its components and tools (including support for code generation, code hinting, and unit testing), and its vibrant ecosystem—all of which mean developers can get up and running immediately. You’ll also learn how Google (the creator of Angular), FedEx, and Capital One are using Angular to meet the needs of their customers, employees, vendors, suppliers, and more.

You’ll discover:

  • How Angular follows familiar patterns, including TypeScript, dependency injection, and Reactive Extensions for JavaScript
  • Angular’s built-in modules for routing, fetching data, animations, and service worker integration for building progressive web applications
  • Angular tools and components, including the Angular CLI, the Angular Console, and Nrwl Extensions
  • The Angular ecosystem: Angular Material, Firebase, Ionic, and more
  • How global organizations use Angular to build reliable, scalable applications