Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER), 2:1256


add-on indicators for, 3:18461847

primary functions of, 3:18431844

protective, 3:18411855

safety assurance and, 3:18441845

Packaging system flexibility/response, 3:18501852

Packet capture

for honeynets, 2:977

in log-based traceback, 2:1002

Packet marking, in IP traceback, 2:1000, 10011002, 1003

Pain, as a body sense, 3:14501451

Palestinian agricultural fields, release of sewer water onto, 3:1631

p-aminophenol (PAP), 3:18131814

Pandemic and All-Hazard Preparedness Act, 4:2532

Pandemic planning, banking and finance industry and, 2:1156

Pandemic Preparedness for Businesses EDEN course, 3:1942

Pandemic Preparedness for Faith-Based Organizations EDEN course, 3:19431944

Panel reviews, in risk methodology comparison study, 2:12111214

Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, 1:389, 390

Pantry pests

Homeland Security concerns related to, 3:1690

as vectors of foodborne pathogens, 3:16891690

Parameter uncertainties, 1:168

Parametric determination, in test program design, 1:419420

Parasitic code, 2:958

Parasitic pathogens, water-related, 4:2138

Pareto 80/20 rule, 1:253

Pareto distribution, 1:229230, 234235

Paris Conference on Dialogue Between the Public Authorities and Private Sector on Security and Trust in Cyberspace, G8, 2:923

Paris G8 meeting 2003, principles for protecting critical information infrastructures at, 2:923924

Partial iris analysis, 4:27132714

Particle detection, 1:364365

Particle filtering, 1:391

Particle sampling, ...

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