Managing Updates

Automatic updates related to security require little or no effort on your part. But sometimes you may be faced with optional updates. These updates aren’t security related. Rather, they’re new versions of drivers, fixes for minor bugs, or some other type of update. They’re optional because your computer is secure whether you install the update or not.

Managing optional updates

To manage optional updates and tweak some settings, use the Windows Update applet in Control Panel. To get to that applet, do one of the following:

  • At the desktop, press Windows+X and choose Control Panel image System And Security image Windows Update.
  • At the Windows Start screen, show the Charms Bar and choose Search. Click Control Panel image System And Security image Windows Update.

Figure 11.1 shows the Windows Update applet. If there are any optional updates, click the Optional Updates link to see what they are. The name of each will be listed next to an empty check box (see Figure 11.2). You have three options for dealing with each one:

FIGURE 11.2 Optional updates

  • If you want to download and install the ...

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