Windows Azure Web Sites

Book description

A no-nonsense guide to maintaining websites in Windows Azure

If you're looking for a straightforward, practical guide to get Azure websites up and running, then this is the book for you. This to-the-point guide provides you with the tools you need to move and maintain a website in the cloud. You'll discover the features that most affect developers and learn how they can be leveraged to work to your advantage. Accompanying projects enhance your learning experience and help you to walk away with a thorough understanding of Azure's supported technologies, site deployment, and management tools and how to monitor and scale their application.

  • Addresses the creation, deployment, and scaling of applications

  • Looks at supported project types and technologies

  • Reviews source control integration and release management

  • Walks you through scaling, configuring, and monitoring your site

  • Provides a project built on the ASP.NET MVC framework that demonstrates many core features of Windows Azure websites

Windows Azure Websites is an ideal resource for anyone who develops web applications and wants to move them to the cloud.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Contents
  3. Introduction to the Windows Azure Book Series
  4. Introduction to Windows Azure Web Sites
  5. Chapter 1: Introduction to Windows Azure and Fundamental Concepts
    1. Understanding Windows Azure Web Sites
    2. Understanding the Windows Azure Portal
    3. Creating a Simple Site
    4. Managing Your Site from the Portal
    5. Summary
  6. Chapter 2: Moving an Application to the Cloud
    1. Uploading Your Web Site via FTP
    2. Publishing from WebMatrix
    3. Publishing through Dropbox
    4. Going to the Cloud with Visual Studio 2012
    5. Selecting a Deployment Strategy
    6. Summary
  7. Chapter 3: Managing Deployments via Source Control
    1. Understanding Prerequisites
    2. Publishing from Source Control
    3. Managing Previously Deployed Releases
    4. Summary
  8. Chapter 4: Managing Windows Azure Web Sites from the Console
    1. Preparing Your Environment
    2. Configuring Your Account
    3. Managing Your Subscription and Web Sites
    4. Configuring Your Site
    5. Summary
  9. Chapter 5: Working with Other Flavors of Windows Azure Web Sites
    1. Exploring Apps in the Web Site Gallery
    2. Selecting a Template
    3. Creating the Site
    4. Summary
  10. Chapter 6: Using Peripheral Features with Windows Azure Web Sites
    1. Sharing Administrative Responsibilities
    2. Managing Your Linked Resources
    3. Working with Windows Azure SQL Databases Remotely
    4. Summary
  11. Chapter 7: Scaling, Configuring, and Monitoring Your Site
    1. Using the Power of the Cloud: Scale
    2. Configuring and Downloading Diagnostic Logs
    3. Setting Up and Using Custom Domains
    4. Working with Application Defaults
    5. Setting Other Configuration Elements
    6. Summary
  12. Chapter 8: Deploying and Configuring a Cloud Application
    1. Exploring the MovieFu Application
    2. Familiarizing Yourself with the Application
    3. Deploying and Configuring MovieFu
    4. Summary

Product information

  • Title: Windows Azure Web Sites
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: July 2013
  • Publisher(s): Wrox
  • ISBN: 9781118749791