Chapter 5Five Steps to Creating a Data-Driven Company—From Recruiting to Regression, It All Starts with Curiosity:Changing the Culture

It All Starts with Curiosity

The first and simplest emotion which we discover in the human mind, is curiosity.

—Edmund Burke

How does one change a company's culture to become more data-driven? It all starts with curiosity. Curiosity is an innate characteristic, and a marvelous, empowering attribute. We learn only when we have both the curiosity to ask a question and the tools to answer it. To change our cultures, we should celebrate and reward curiosity.

A Swiss developmental psychologist who lived from 1896 to 1980, Jean Piaget is widely regarded as one of the great pioneers of understanding how humans learn. A gifted boy, Piaget began attending meetings of the Friends of Nature Club, a group of biologists from the local university in Neuchâtel, who read academic papers. He published his first paper at age 10 on the topic of an albino sparrow.

As he matured, Piaget evolved from biology to human psychology. He developed the theory of genetic epistemology, which proposed that learning is an ongoing process of invention and reinvention as we interact with our world.

Piaget studied children. He explained how children learn about the existence of numbers.

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