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10baseT Ethernet, 900 MHz: Low Speed, Better Coverage
1xRTT (Single Carrier Radio Transmission Technology)
on CDMA, 1xRTT on CDMA
3-D TopoQuads, Plotting the Points on a 3D Map
802.11 hardware, 802.11 Hardware Suppliers
802.11 wireless networks
beacon frames and SSIDs, Broadcast Your GPS Position
tracking frames with Ethereal, Analyze Traffic with Ethereal
802.11a/b/g cards, Discover Networks with NetStumbler
making NetStumbler work with, Caveats
802.11b cards using Prism or Prism2 chipsets, Discover Networks with NetStumbler
802.11i protocol, Secure Your Linux Network with WPA
802.11x standards (Wi-Fi), Set Up Bluetooth on Windows XP
802.11x-based WPA Enterprise protocol, Authenticate Wireless Users
802.1x authentication types support by Mac OS X, Mac OS X
802.3af standard (Power over Ethernet), Send Power over Your Ethernet
900 MHz equipment, 900 MHz: Low Speed, Better Coverage
9913 cable, Microwave Cabling


access points
add-ons, Send Power over Your Ethernet
AirPort Base Stations, Manage Multiple AirPort Base Stations
association of wireless card with AP Radar, Building and Using AP Radar
bridged to Ethernet segment, Track Wireless Users
building your own ...

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