Note: Page numbers followed by “f” and “b” refer to figures and boxes, respectively.


Accessibility, 263–264
Accessible content, writing, 221–230
operable content, creating, 226–229
keyboard, functionality, 227–229
perceivable content, creating, 223–226
assistive technologies using, 225
graphics with text, augmenting, 223–225
screen readers, 225–226
robust content, creating, 230
understandable content, creating, 229
with WCAG2 guidelines, 222–223
Accuracy, of information attributes, 117–118
Acronyms, use of, 135
Actionable content, 190–191
Active voice, 197–201
ADDIE instructional design model, 26–27
Agile development, 25, 26
Alerts and events, 264
Alt text, 214–215
Animated text, guidelines for, 140
Applications and their users, 46–47 ...

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