Chapter 5: Theming: Digital Cosmetic Surgery

In this chapter:

• How to change the look and feel of Android

• An introduction to tools that you can use to modify your device

• How to modify the airplane mode indicators on your device

• How to create a flashable zip file to share your changes

A major advantage of owning an Android device is that the look and feel, indeed every aspect of the user interface, can be customized to its owner’s personal taste.

In this chapter, you learn the basics of theming — changing the look and feel of — Android. Many aspects of the Android interface can be changed, from the colors of navigation elements to replacement icons for applications. Almost any visual element of the Android interface can be altered or replaced completely.

Theming is a complex process that involves getting into the detailed structure of the Android operating system file system. Having achieved root access using the tools described in this book and on the XDA forum, you are now able to begin customizing your device through theming.

This chapter focuses on making changes targeted for your device, such as making the airplane mode indicator more noticeable. The process of turning your changes into a package that can be shared with your friends is slightly more complex. After you make the desired theme change, you learn how to create a recovery-flashable package that can be shared with other Android users.

The process outlined in this chapter is specific to CyanogenMod on the ...

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