17.5. The Complete Source Code for C3

 CD-ROM reference=17013.txt """ C3 -- (Which is pronounced "See Tree" in Dublin) -- An XML Tree Editor/Viewer """ import sys,string,os # Import optimized cStringIO if available, otherwise StringIO. try: import cStringIO StringIO = cStringIO except ImportError: import StringIO # Import wxPython functionality. from wxPython.wx import * # Import the Pyxie XML processing library. from pyxie import * # Useful constants for differentiating between Element nodes # and data # nodes in wxTreeCtrl controls ELEMENT = 1 DATA = 0 # The del key is "hooked" to delete branched from wxTreeCtrl # controls. DEL_KEY = 127 class AttributeEditorDialog (wxDialog): """ Attribute editing modal dialog window """ def __init__(self,parent,AV): ...

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