Paco Nathan

Paco Nathan

Data Scientist for Concurrent in SF, and a committer on the Cascading open source project. 10+ years leading innovative Data teams, 25+ yrs in tech industry overall. Background in math/stats and distributed computing. Expertise in Hadoop, R, AWS, predictive analytics, machine learning, NLP



How do you learn?

September 19, 2016

Shared learning: It's what we do at O'Reilly, and it's what we’d like to share with you.

Upcoming live training: Data

August 31, 2016

O'Reilly's live training events offer instructor-led, hands-on courses, with an emphasis on the social aspects of learning.

Probabilistic data structures in Python

August 1, 2016

Use approximations with error bounds to trade-off system resources, e.g., memory or compute time -- especially for large-scale analytics and streaming data.

Building data science teams: Preparing your organization

December 15, 2015

How should you prepare when assembling and integrating a data science team into your organization? In this video training segment, Paco Nathan offers tips to consider in the early stages, including designating the right executive sponsor and encouraging basic hands-on data science training for management.

Computational Thinking: Just Enough Math

June 4, 2014

The webcast introduces advanced math for business people, including graph theory, abstract algebra, optimization, bayesian statistics, and more advanced areas of linear algebra.