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O’Reilly Crowns Winners of the Second Annual O’Reilly Awards

September 19, 2023

Celebrating corporate trailblazers at the forefront of learning innovation

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BOSTON—September 19, 2023O’Reilly, the premier source for insight-driven learning on technology and business, today announced the winners of its second annual O’Reilly Awards program. Standout entries from renowned organizations including HP, HCLTech, Tavant, DataArt, Grubhub, and Medidata demonstrate learning innovation via the O’Reilly learning platform across a variety of domains such as onboarding, cybersecurity, skills transformation, and more.

“This year’s winners are a testament to how learning, when done right, can ignite innovation, underscore business resilience, and foster a culture of growth,” said Laura Baldwin, president at O’Reilly. “We are proud to recognize the achievements of this year’s winners and are constantly inspired by how our users leverage O’Reilly’s learning platform. Congratulations to all companies that participated this year.”

O’Reilly Awards were given to the following winners across six categories:

Most Effective User Onboarding Program
Gold: HP
Global technology leader HP launched O’Reilly to its community of software professionals in September 2022 with a winning strategy rooted in a strategic and comprehensive communications and support plan. A prelaunch drip campaign led to over 50% employee user engagement within the first week of rollout. And HP’s custom-built Learning Support portal hosts a wealth of resources available to ensure ongoing, timely guidance. Through empathy interviews to gain insights on the O’Reilly learning experience, coupled with tracking usage analytics and targeted demographics, HP continues to achieve high adoption and engagement with a 6% monthly growth rate in newly created accounts. Today, O’Reilly is ranked the #1 learning resource by HP’s software employees.
Silver: Delivery Hero

Best in Skills Transformation
Gold: HCLTech
As one of the leading IT service providers worldwide, HCLTech approached the challenge of technological change by prioritizing the reskilling of its workforce. The company’s Cloud Native Labs division leveraged the O’Reilly platform to introduce tailored programs designed for managers, architects, developers, and engineers to support the increasing demands of digital transformation. Thousands have already been reskilled, benefiting over 100 of HCLTech’s customers in the last year alone.
Silver: Leidos

Best in Cloud Transformation
Gold: Tavant
Digital solutions company Tavant has proven its commitment to learning and development by winning its second consecutive O’Reilly Award. The company’s latest Cloud Edge program helps employees adapt to the cloud and boost their skills through training. Over the past year, 72% of Tavant associates participated in cloud-related learning, with every developer taught Azure to meet business requirements. Collaborating with O’Reilly has enabled Tavant to migrate clients smoothly to the cloud, provide agile support, and enhance overall efficiency.
Silver: EPAM

Engineering Excellence
Gold: DataArt
DataArt is a global software engineering firm that prioritizes its employees’ technical expertise and future readiness. In partnership with O’Reilly, the company introduced its TechX Camp to provide self-paced learning in tandem with skills mentoring. DataArt credits O’Reilly for helping to quickly launch the program in under a month and effectively upskill employees, all while offering much-needed flexibility. Access to O’Reilly’s online learning platform helped 92% of TechX participants surveyed advance their careers in 2022. Within one and a half years, DataArt has increased the number of O’Reilly user seats by 150%, further highlighting the strength of the partnership.
Silver: CLEAR

Cybersecurity Excellence
Gold: Grubhub
Grubhub’s Security Ambassadors program raises cybersecurity awareness company-wide while promoting diversity in the field. The O’Reilly platform helps them ensure success by providing crucial learning resources, including Superstream online events and interactive labs content. Grubhub was recognized as an O’Reilly’s Choice finalist last year for its innovative Returnship program that brings women and caregivers back to technology; with its Security Ambassadors program, the company continues its collaborative efforts with O’Reilly to foster a more inclusive workforce.
Silver: Infosys

O’Reilly’s Choice
Gold: Medidata
Medidata is leading the digital transformation of life sciences. In 2022 the company successfully integrated the O’Reilly learning platform into its day-to-day operations and culture to promote continuous learning, resulting in a remarkable surge in usage that has now hit 700 seats—with expansion on the horizon. Medidata attributes this success to initiatives like a streamlined onboarding process, integrating O’Reilly into its intranet, and a dedicated Slack channel for seamless learning communication and collaboration. Managers have also been involved in promoting the partnership and recognizing top users through the company’s own Power User Awards. Medidata’s genuine passion for integrating and utilizing O’Reilly is proof of its commitment to learning and development.

For more information on the O’Reilly Awards winners and applicants, please visit https://www.oreilly.com/online-learning/oreilly-awards-winners-2023.html.

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