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Welcome to O'Reilly Digital Media's Inside iPhone. It's a place where all things related to the iPhone platform at O'Reilly can call home. Here you'll find technologists passionate about the iPhone platform offering blogs, articles, code and forum chat about the iPhone SDK, web apps and Dashcode, and cool iPhone related innovations. If you'd like to contribute to Inside iPhone, please send mail to

iPhone Entries from O'Reilly Blogs

Spurred on by a Googler's rant against his own company and Apple's release of a new phone, a new OS and a new cloud infrastructure, Mark Sigal wonders what the "post-pc" revolution really looks like. read more

– Mark Sigal

This week, we ask if Apple's Siri has more than novelty value, and decide it does. Open Office needs you (or at least your money) to stay afloat, and Google bends to developer pressure and finally adds SQL support to its cloud computing platform. read more

– James Turner

What Mozilla is Up To (Luke Wroblewski) -- notes from a talk that Brendan Eich gave at Web 2.0 Summit. The new browser war is between the Web and new walled gardens of native networked apps. Interesting to see the effort Mozilla's putting into native-alike Web apps. YouTube Insult Generator (Adrian Holovaty) -- mines YouTube for insults of a... read more

– Nat Torkington

While you'll likely interact with your smartphone tomorrow in much the same way you interacted with it today, it's quite possible that your smartphone will interact with the world in a very different way. The next mobile war has already begun.... read more

– Alasdair Allan

The TouchPad's $99 price point proves enticing for consumers and — oddly — HP itself, James Gosling leaves Google, and a possible iPhone 5 leak bears a distinct resemblance to the iPhone 4 leak.... read more

– James Turner

Placecast offers merchants a geofence to corral customers. Also, UK researcher YouGov says iPhone users are more willing to buy with their phones, and telecoms bury Androids with crapware.... read more

– David Sims

Apple, under Steve Jobs, has always had an unrelenting zeal to bring the consumer — and humanity — back to the center of the ring. Here, Mark Sigal argues that it's this pursuit of humanity that may actually be Jobs' greatest innovation.... read more

– Mark Sigal

In the latest ePayments Week: 10 iPhone passcodes make up 15% of all those in use. Also, Google In-App spreads its wings beyond the Chrome store, Isis signs deals with major credit cards, and execs expect mCommerce to be mainstream in 4 years.... read more

– David Sims