Design Essentials

A Curated Collection of Chapters from the O'Reilly Design Library

Design Essentials

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Guiding users through an app or website without effort or confusion is a critical design skill today, and yet many UX and UI designers still lack the fundamentals necessary to pull it off. What does it take to create products people love? With this free collection of chapters, Design Essentials provides a glimpse into some of the published and forthcoming books from the O’Reilly Design Library.

Whether you want to learn basic visual design principles, discover the hows and whys of prototyping, or build skills in UX research, these sample chapters include principles and practices to help get you started. Get a copy of this ebook and discover how the O’Reilly Design Library delivers knowledge and advice you need to expand your skillset and remain up-to-date with best practices in UX design.

This collection includes:

  • Mapping Experiences—Chapter 2: Fundamentals of Mapping Experiences
  • Designing Products People Love—Chapter 6: The Mechanics of Interface Design
  • UX for Beginners—Chapter 8: Visual Design Principles
  • This is Service Design Doing—Chapter 1: Why Service Design
  • UX Research—Chapter 2: Good Research = Good Questions
  • Prototyping for Designers—Chapter 1: What is a Prototype?

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