Designing for the Future

A Curated Collection of Chapters from the O'Reilly Library

Designing for the Future

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UX and interaction designers are facing many new challenges as more and more connected products come online. Whether it’s for "calm technology," just-beneath-the-skin embeddable devices, or robot swarms, designers are actively seeking advice for dealing with cutting-edge projects. This sampler from the O’Reilly Design Library will help you navigate the unmapped territory ahead.

With a collection of chapters from the library’s published and forthcoming books, you’ll learn about long-standing principles of Industrial Design, as well as "touchpoints" where business and customer needs intersect, tactics and actionable methods for presenting your designs to stakeholders, and more.

This sampler includes excerpts from these books:

  • Calm Technology—Chapter 1: "Designing for the Next 50 Billion Devices"
  • Understanding Industrial Design—Chapter 4: "Enduring"
  • Design Leadership—Chapter 5: "Planning for the Future"
  • Designing for Emerging Technologies—Chapter 8: "Embeddables: The Next Evolution of Wearable Tech"
  • Mapping Experiences—Chapter 8: "Envisioning Future Experience"
  • Articulating Design Decisions—Chapter 13: "Designing for Vision"

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