To access the following tools, go to the Tools section at and enter the password “highperformer.”

Introduction: How to Be a High Performer

  • Online IQ test link
  • 8 Steps audit

Step 1: Set Big Goals

  • Exercise: Combine tasks into goals
  • Exercise: Prioritize goals

Step 2: Behave to Perform

  • 360-degree assessment example surveys and reports
  • Hogan derailer mini-assessment
  • Ten-item personality test and key to scoring it (test also included below)

Step 3: Grow Yourself Faster

  • Sample experience map
  • Personal experience map template

Step 4: Connect

  • Connection planning sheet

Step 5: Maximize Your Fit

  • Fit matrix assessment
  • Fit matrix template

The Ten-Item Personality Inventory

This ten-item, one-minute assessment is scientifically ...

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