A Kick in the Attitude: An Energizing Approach to Recharge your Team, Work, and Life

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"Good old fashioned advice on how to have a great attitude, delivered in a pithy andinteresting way."?

—Karen Leland, bestselling author of Watercooler Wisdom: How Smart PeopleProsper in the Face of Conflict, Pressure and Change?

"Sam Glenn is known for his funny and motivational presentations and for his ability to give people a kick in the attitude. Now he has done it in print."

—Stewart Clifford, Enterprise Media

"Sam Glenn energizes our worldwide audience with his profound sense of humor andgentle wisdom, making this giant in the motivation industry powerful and approachable. Experience his energy firsthand and feel it wake you up to the life you've always dreamed of."

—Markandeya, Life Without Limitation, EnergyTalkRadio.com

"If there were an Attitude Hall of Fame, Sam Glenn and this book would be inducted into it! A Kick in the Attitude is the best book I've ever read on how to take an enthusiasticattitude and crank up your life to a higher, more powerful and successful level!"

—Anne Bruce, professional speaker and author of Discover True North andHow to Motivate Every Employee

"Sam gets it when it comes to attitude. Read A Kick in the Attitude to jumpstart whateverybody needs for success—a great attitude."

—Dr. Charles Stone, pastor and author

"No matter what your current 'drama,' the principles in A Kick in the Attitude will give you the motivation to turn any situation around."

—Marlene Chism, author of Success is a Given

"Has the economy of 2009 got you down? Is life throwing lemons at you the size of cannon balls? Then stop and read this book.?Sam Glenn is 'The Attitude Guy'!?He will get you thinking about you and your attitude, then guide you to the understanding that you, and only you, control your attitude."

—Bob Hamm, Senior Account Manager, Omnipress

Table of Contents

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  2. 1. Another Book on Attitude?: Yes, but One with a Slight Kick!
    1. 1.1. Mark Up This Book
  3. 2. How a Kick in the Attitude Transformed a Negative, Uptight, Complaining, Blaming, Depressed Man into "The Attitude Guy™"
    1. 2.1. The Cup of Coffee That Changed My Attitude for Life!
    2. 2.2. If You Want Life to Get Better, the Starting Point Is with Your Attitude
  4. 3. A Kick in the Attitude Principle #1: Everything Starts with Your Attitude
    1. 3.1. Chew on This
      1. 3.1.1. Chew on This
    2. 3.2. So Why Get a Better Attitude?
      1. 3.2.1. What Is Attitude?
      2. 3.2.2. Where Does Our Attitude Come From?
        1. First Step: Make Your Attitude Work for You
        2. Our Attitude Is Tested and Challenged Daily
        3. What Determines Our State of Being, or Mindset?
        4. Attitude Vultures
      3. 3.2.3. Get to Know Your Attitude
  5. 4. A Kick in the Attitude Principle #2: Transform Your Attitude in the Same Time It Takes to Shower
    1. 4.1. The Attitude Shower Concept
  6. 5. A Kick in the Attitude Principle #3: The Gateway to a Better Attitude Starts the Moment You Lighten Up!
    1. 5.1. What Does It Mean to Lighten Up?
      1. 5.1.1. Four Reasons to Lighten Up and Laugh It Up
        1. 1. Humor has power-packed health benefits
        2. 2. You are your best source for humor
        3. 3. Humor can help you become more successful
        4. 4. Humor can save you from terminal professionalism
      2. 5.1.2. Using Humor in the Workplace
      3. 5.1.3. Employ Humor in the Workplace
      4. 5.1.4. Four Quick Ways to Activate Your Humor Muscle
  7. 6. A Kick in the Attitude Principle #4: Attitude Nourishment—A Small Dose of Vitamin A Can Turn a Dull, Negative Person Positive
    1. 6.1.
      1. 6.1.1. The Vitamin A Concept
  8. 7. A Kick in the Attitude Principle #5: Your Attitude Is Either in the Way, On the Way, or Creating a Way
    1. 7.1.
      1. 7.1.1. What Is "It" for You? Is It
    2. 7.2. If You Can't See the Limitation, What Do You Do?
  9. 8. A Kick in the Attitude Principle #6: If You Don't Like the Picture of Your Life, Start Painting Something Different
    1. 8.1. It Ain't Over Until You and 200 People See Your Underwear
    2. 8.2. When Your Whole Life Needs a Do-Over
  10. 9. A Kick in the Attitude Principle #7: When You Doubt Yourself, You Defeat Yourself
    1. 9.1. When You Doubt Yourself, You Defeat Yourself
      1. 9.1.1. Don't Believe the Naysayers
  11. 10. A Kick in the Attitude Principle #8: Courage Is the Defining Force That Conquers Fear, Average, and Bullies
    1. 10.1. Use Your Courage to Face Your Bullies
      1. 10.1.1. Use Your Courage to Face Your Bullies
    2. 10.2. Use Courage to Conquer Your "Average"
    3. 10.3. Use Courage to Overcome, Try Again, and Make a Comeback
    4. 10.4. Use Courage to Ask For and Get What You Want
  12. 11. A Kick In the Attitude Principle #9: You Can't Move if Your Battery Is Dead—How to Give Your Attitude Muscles
    1. 11.1. What Are the Benefits of Recharging Yourself?
    2. 11.2. Keep Your Attitude Batteries Charged Daily
      1. 11.2.1. Go for a Walk
      2. 11.2.2. Get Enough Sleep
      3. 11.2.3. Plan Your Meals
      4. 11.2.4. Get Out of Town
      5. 11.2.5. Do Nothing
      6. 11.2.6. Pamper Yourself
      7. 11.2.7. Turn off Technology
        1. What Technology Is Ruling You?
      8. 11.2.8. Sing, Even Sing Badly
      9. 11.2.9. Take Your Attitude Vitamins
      10. 11.2.10. Do a Mental Detox
        1. Detox Action: Listen to something positive.
      11. 11.2.11. Use Uplifting, Empowering Words When You Talk to Yourself
      12. 11.2.12. Look for the Lighter Side in Situations
      13. 11.2.13. Limit Your Time with Toxic Attitudes (People)
      14. 11.2.14. Collect Resources to Serve as Your Attitude Jumper Cables
  13. 12. A Kick in the Attitude Principle #10: It's Not the Season, but How We Respond in the Season That Counts
    1. 12.1. Shift Is Going to Happen, so Deal with It
    2. 12.2. Reinterpret Negative Information
    3. 12.3. Attitude Can Affect the Quality of All Seasons You Go Through
    4. 12.4. Maybe You Don't Have It Quite so Bad
    5. 12.5. Utilize Your Attitude Jumper Cables
    6. 12.6. Realize the Rescue Boat May Not Look Like What You Expect
    7. 12.7. Take Action and Don't Let Excuses Sink Your Boat
      1. 12.7.1. Start by Asking These Questions
      2. 12.7.2. Six Bonus Ways to Profit from Change
  14. 13. A Kick in the Attitude Principle #11: Give Yourself Permission to Dream Big Dreams
    1. 13.1. Tips for the Realization of Goals and Dreams
      1. 13.1.1. Take the Stairs—the Elevator Is Out of Order
      2. 13.1.2. You Don't Have to Be Great to Start, but You Have to Start to Be Great!
      3. 13.1.3. A Barking Dog Doesn't Chase Parked Cars
      4. 13.1.4. Passion Fuels the Drive
      5. 13.1.5. Have Goals and a Dream
      6. 13.1.6. Stop Being a Nut—Get Out of Your Shell
    2. 13.2. Keep Moving
      1. 13.2.1. Significance Means Nothing without Contribution
      2. 13.2.2. Get Smart with Your Money
      3. 13.2.3. Attitude Works Better with a Set of Skills
  15. 14. A Kick in the Attitude Principle #12: The Strength of the Wolf Is in the Pack and the Strength of the Pack Is in the Wolf
    1. 14.1. Little Things Count Big
    2. 14.2. The Silent Treatment
    3. 14.3. Surround Yourself with a Circle of Encouragers
    4. 14.4. Some People Just Don't Fit into Our Lives
    5. 14.5. Make Peace with Your Past so It Won't Screw Up the Present
    6. 14.6. Practice Forgiveness
    7. 14.7. What about When We Let Others Down?
    8. 14.8. Success Means Nothing if You Are Standing Alone
    9. 14.9. Networking Is about Building Positive Relationships
    10. 14.10. Teamwork Is Vital to Achieving Any Form of Success
  16. 15. A Kick in the Attitude Principle #13: Positive Leadership Inspires and Motivates Teamwork
    1. 15.1. Simple Tips for Inspiring and Motivating Teamwork
    2. 15.2. The Right Kind of Leadership Keeps the Lights On
    3. 15.3. Praise the Good Others Do
    4. 15.4. Don't Listen Too Long to Your Critics
    5. 15.5. Do Not Doubt Yourself, Doubt Your Limitations
  17. 16. A Kick In the Attitude Principle #14: Always Take the High Road
  18. 17. A Kick In the Attitude Principle #15: Emotional Management—Tame Your Tiger or It Will Eat You
    1. 17.1. To Be Good at Patience, Practice It by Starting Small
  19. 18. A Kick In the Attitude Principle #16: FUN—A Simple Cure for Office Indigestion
    1. 18.1. What Light Is to the Bulb, Fun Is to Us
    2. 18.2. Fun That Functions in the Workplace
      1. 18.2.1. Fun Is Simple, so Keep It Simple
      2. 18.2.2. Establish a Fun Committee.
      3. 18.2.3. Create a Humor Bulletin Board
      4. 18.2.4. Be Smart about Cultural Differences
      5. 18.2.5. Kick Off Your Meetings with Attitude Starters
      6. 18.2.6. Hold Contests with Prizes
      7. 18.2.7. Food Is Always Fun
      8. 18.2.8. Play Doh
      9. 18.2.9. Take a Break
  20. 19. A Kick in the Attitude Principle #17: Attitude Is Like Chalk Dust—It Gets on Everything You Touch
    1. 19.1. What Is the Benefit of Giving and Creating Excellence?
    2. 19.2. How One Airline Lost $1 Million over a $50 Seat
    3. 19.3. Get a Clue
    4. 19.4. If You Aren't Sure What Else to Do, Sing
    5. 19.5. Some Just Need a Simple Nudge to Create Greatness
    6. 19.6. Brand Yourself with Your Experience
    7. 19.7. You Are Either a Duck or an Eagle
    8. 19.8. You Can't Please Them All
  21. 20. A Kick In the Attitude Principle #18: What Will Your Legacy Be?
    1. 20.1. Three Things You Need to Know about Making Footprints
  22. And Now for a Wrap Up
    1. The Attitude Guy™'s Affirmation
  23. Attitude in Action Plan

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  • Title: A Kick in the Attitude: An Energizing Approach to Recharge your Team, Work, and Life
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: January 2010
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9780470528051