AI-First Healthcare

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AI is poised to transform every aspect of healthcare, including the way we manage personal health, from customer experience and clinical care to healthcare cost reductions. This practical book is one of the first to describe present and future use cases where AI can help solve pernicious healthcare problems.

Kerrie Holley and Siupo Becker provide guidance to help informatics and healthcare leadership create AI strategy and implementation plans for healthcare. With this book, business stakeholders and practitioners will be able to build knowledge, a roadmap, and the confidence to support AIin their organizations—without getting into the weeds of algorithms or open source frameworks.

Cowritten by an AI technologist and a medical doctor who leverages AI to solve healthcare’s most difficult challenges, this book covers:

  • The myths and realities of AI, now and in the future
  • Human-centered AI: what it is and how to make it possible
  • Using various AI technologies to go beyond precision medicine
  • How to deliver patient care using the IoT and ambient computing with AI
  • How AI can help reduce waste in healthcare
  • AI strategy and how to identify high-priority AI application

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Table of contents

  1. Preface
    1. Conventions Used in This Book
    2. O’Reilly Online Learning
    3. How to Contact Us
    4. Acknowledgments
      1. Kerrie Holley
      2. Siupo Becker
  2. Introduction
    1. Summary
  3. 1. Myths and Realities of AI
    1. AI Origins and Definition
      1. AI and Machine Learning
      2. AI Transitions
      3. AI—A General Purpose Technology
    2. AI Healthcare Myths
      1. Myth: AI Will Cure Disease
      2. Myth: AI Will Replace Doctors
      3. Myth: AI Will Fix the “Healthcare Problem”
      4. Myth: AI Will Decrease Healthcare Costs
    3. AI Myths
      1. Myth: AI Is an Existential Threat
      2. Myth: AI Is Just Machine Learning
      3. Myth: AI Overpromises and Underdelivers
      4. Myth: True Conversational AI Already Exists
      5. Myth: AI as Overlord
    4. AI Technology Myths
      1. Myth: AI Algorithms Are Biased
      2. Myth: AI Sees, Hears, and Thinks
      3. Myth: AI Diagnoses Diseases Better Than Doctors
      4. Myth: AI Systems Learn from Data
      5. Myth: AI Is a Black Box
      6. Myth: AI Is Modeled After the Brain
    5. AI-First Healthcare
  4. 2. Human-Centered AI
    1. Toward Human-Centered AI
      1. AI Centaur Health
      2. Human-Centered AI
    2. Intersection of AI and Humans
      1. AI and Human Sociocultural Values
      2. AI Understanding Humans
      3. Humans Understanding AI
    3. Human Ethics and AI
      1. Human-Centric Approach
      2. Making Human-Centered AI Work
    4. Summary
  5. 3. Monitoring + AI = Rx for Personal Health
    1. Prescription (Rx) for Personal Health
      1. Three Realms Influencing Healthcare
      2. Ambient Computing and Healthcare
    2. Continuous Monitoring Using AI
      1. Continuous Monitoring
      2. Beeps, Chimes, Dings, and Dongs
      3. Health Continuum
    3. Application of IoT and AI to Medical Care
      1. IoT and AI
      2. Health Determinants and Big Data
    4. Summary
  6. 4. Digital Transformation and AI
    1. Digital Transformation of Healthcare
      1. Path A: Creating Digital Operations and Processes
      2. Path B: Building New Capabilities
      3. Path C: Transforming Business Processes
      4. Paths to the Digital Transformation of Healthcare
    2. Digital Healthcare
      1. AI Applied to Digital Healthcare
      2. AI, Digitization, and Big Tech
    3. Preventive and Chronic Disease Management
      1. AI and Prevention
      2. AI and Chronic Disease
      3. AI and Mental Health
    4. AI and Telemedicine
    5. Medication Management and AI
      1. Medication Adherence
      2. Digital Medication
    6. AI and Digitization Applied to Administrative Tasks
    7. Summary
  7. 5. An Uncomfortable Truth
    1. Healthcare Waste
      1. Healthcare Spend and AI
      2. Treatment Decisions and AI
    2. Administrative Costs
      1. Administrative Processes and Waste
      2. Job Security and AI
    3. Clinician Time
      1. Ambient Clinical Intelligence
      2. AI Use in Diagnostic Imaging and Analysis
    4. Summary
  8. 6. Emerging Applications in Healthcare Using AI
    1. Improving Human Health
      1. Improving Human Lives
    2. Making Technology Work for Healthcare
      1. Ambient Intelligence
      2. From a Patient’s Perspective
      3. From a Doctor’s Perspective
      4. From a Hospital System’s Perspective
      5. From an Insurer’s Perspective
    3. Emerging Applications and Services
      1. Coordination of Care Platform
      2. Disease State Management Platform
      3. Human to Machine Experience Services
      4. Customer Journey Platform
      5. Clinician Decision Support Tools
      6. Ambient Intelligence Environments
      7. Digital Twin Platform
      8. Real-Time Healthcare
      9. Internet of Behaviors
    4. Summary
  9. 7. AI at Scale for Healthcare Organizations
    1. Achieving AI at Scale
    2. Transforming Healthcare
      1. The Chasm
    3. Invisible Engines—Healthcare Platforms
      1. The Road to a Healthcare Platform
      2. Ecosystems
      3. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
    4. Summary
  10. Index

Product information

  • Title: AI-First Healthcare
  • Author(s): Kerrie L. Holley, Siupo Becker
  • Release date: April 2021
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781492063155