When Android was first introduced by Google and the Open Handset Alliance, my first thought was of how awesome it would be to have a free open-source application environment for the growing smart phone revolution. The harsh reality hit when I tried to apply my rusty programming skills to the Java and Android software development kit (SDK). The learning curve was too steep, with too few rewards to keep me going. Then Google announced the amazing App Inventor, which makes it possible for anyone to build Android applications. I was excited and my hope for building my own applications was renewed. As I have learned, played with, and grown with App Inventor, I have been amazed at what non-experts (including me) can build with this tool. After having spent a few months with App Inventor, I have found my journey to traditional Java and SDK development much easier, more fun, and less frustrating.

Who This Book Is For

This book is for anyone from a complete computer newbie to an experienced designer and developer. It will help anyone familiarize themselves with the App Inventor interface and components.

The really exciting news is that the world of Android applications awaits you even if you have absolutely zero programming knowledge. If you have ever had a brilliant idea for an application, App Inventor can help that idea become a reality. If you have ever been curious about how phone applications are created and function, you can learn by creating applications yourself. ...

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