Buffer — Response.Buffer[= blnSetting ]


The Buffer property determines whether the content created by your script is delivered to the client browser as a whole or sent immediately to the client browser as each line is created and entered into the HTML stream. If set to True, then all scripts on the page are run before the results of that script are sent to the client browser.

The default value for the Buffer property is False unless you set ASPBufferingOn in the metabase (through a Windows Scripting Host script or through the Microsoft Management Console for your web site). If set in the metabase, the value there can be overridden using the Buffer property on a page. For example, if you set ASPBufferingOn to True, you could later use the Buffer property to override this behavior and force IIS not to buffer the page.



Specifies whether the HTTP response that results from the web server's processing of your script is buffered and then sent to the client or sent to the client as it is created:


Causes the web server to buffer all results of your script until all processing is complete or until the Flush or End method of the Response object is invoked. Note that even if buffering is set to True, if you call the End method, the contents of the buffer are sent to the client and all subsequent results from the processing of your script are not sent to the client.


Instructs the web server to send information to the client as your script is ...

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