Establishing Your Workflow

Workflow refers to the steps you take, or the procedure you follow, as you progress through the course of creating a finished photograph, from the point at which you capture an image with your camera until you finally archive it. Some photographers consider pre-shoot preparations and how they work during a shoot to be part of their workflow, as well. Every photographer has a unique workflow, and what works in one business model might not work for another. Over time, you will develop your own workflow that is best suited to your particular business model and clients. It’s better to have some kind of workflow than none at all because the latter will lead to more work in the long run. Time spent looking for lost files, or trying in vain to duplicate edit settings is time that you could be using to further develop your business (or maybe even take a little time off).

The better established your workflow is in the beginning of your photographic career, the easier your job will be in the long run. Workflow should be built on conventions that you can remember, that make the most logical sense to you personally, and that also fit within your schedule and the capabilities of your office and technology setup. For example, it might be logical for ...

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