Developing Personal Style



Defining Your Photodogstyle

Over the past 10 to 15 years, unique styles of pet photography have emerged. I coined the term “Photodogstyle” to help pet photographers define and decide which style best applies to their work so that they can begin to understand their own unique photographic voice. Being able to recognize a photographic trend in one’s work can help you to create truly unique visions that are a personalized expression of that particular style. Do you photograph horses, cats, pot-bellied pigs, or other domestic animals but not dogs? Never fear, Photodogstyle applies to all types of pet photography, not just dogs.


Documentary pet photography is exactly what its name implies: the pet photographer is documenting the action as she sees it play out in front of her. Photographers can be involved in the action unfolding in the shoot and engage with the animal, but in general they spend less time controlling their subjects’ behavior and more time “going with the flow” and capturing what happens. Documentary pet photography is usually very dynamic and filled with Pet-Level Photography (PLP) images.


Pet photographers who are a representative ...

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