Chapter 5

Storing and Modifying Information

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding data storage

arrow Considering the kinds of data storage

arrow Adding dates and times to applications

Chapter 3 introduces you to CRUD, Create, Read, Update, and Delete — not that Chapter 3 contains cruddy material. This acronym provides an easy method to remember precisely what tasks all computer programs perform with information you want to manage. Of course, geeks use a special term for information — data, but either information or data works fine for this book.

remember.eps In order to make information useful, you have to have some means of storing it permanently. Otherwise, every time you turned the computer off, all your information would be gone and the computer would provide limited value. In addition, Python must provide some rules for modifying information. The alternative is to have applications running amok, changing information in any and every conceivable manner. This chapter is about controlling information — defining how information is stored permanently and manipulated by applications you create.

Storing Information ...

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