Chapter 16

Sending an E-Mail

In This Chapter

arrow Defining the series of events for sending an e-mail

arrow Developing an e-mail application

arrow Testing the e-mail application

This chapter helps you understand the process of sending an e-mail using Python. More important, this chapter is generally about helping you understand what happens when you communicate outside the local PC. Even though this chapter is specifically about e-mail, it also contains principles you can use when performing other tasks. For example, when working with an external service, you often need to create the same sort of packaging as you do for an e-mail. So, the information you see in this chapter can help you understand all sorts of communication needs.

To make working with e-mail as easy as possible, this chapter uses standard mail as a real-world equivalent of e-mail. The comparison is apt. E-mail was actually modeled on real-world mail. Originally, the term e-mail was used for any sort of electronic document transmission, and some forms of it required the sender and recipient to be online at the same time. As a result, you may find some confusing references online about the origins and development of e-mail. This ...

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