7 Let Your Body Do the Talking

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said.”

Peter Drucker

Everyone's aware that your non-verbal communication has an effect on how others view you. But what's just as important is the effect it has on you.

The Fake Smile

No one likes a fake smile, but it's better than no smile at all. Frowning, grimacing, and other negative facial expressions send signals to your brain that whatever you are doing is difficult or unpleasant. This leads to your body releasing cortisol in response, which in turn raises your stress levels.

So if you make yourself smile (it doesn't have to be a full on cheesy grin), you'll feel less stressed and with the added bonus, it'll make people around you less stressed too.

Be More Determined – Cross Your Arms

If you're in someone's company and you cross your arms, they may perceive you as being defensive. But if you cross your arms when you're on your own, it can have the powerful effect of making you more determined. When you've got a difficult problem to solve, holding your arms tightly against your chest will unconsciously help you stick at it.

Stand Like Superman, Be Like Superman

It turns out all that positive psychology we often make fun of, actually does work. That doesn't mean that the next time you've got an important meeting, you should pre-empt it by standing in front of the bathroom mirror, roaring and shouting, “I'm a tiger”. But the next time you've got an important meeting, interview ...

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