Praise for Building an Innovative Learning Organization

“To survive and succeed in today's turbo-charged environment, organizations must not only learn, but innovatively learn. Sarder's book incorporates the best ideas of organizational leaders from around the world and skillfully crafts them into a highly practical narrative that guides and enables readers to build their own innovative learning organizations. This book will soon become a classic in the organizational learning arena.”

Dr. Michael Marquardt, President of the World Institute for Action Learning, Professor at George Washington University, and author of 25 bestselling books including Building the Learning Organization and Leading with Questions

“Learning with and from others has always delivered optimal value for me. Building an Innovative Learning Organization takes the best experiences and expertise from leading practitioners and makes them available to everyone. The content of this book encompasses hundreds of years of valuable insights from successful leaders who have not only built highly successful learning organizations, but have been able to enhance and sustain them through complex, turbulent times. Reading this book will deliver similar if not more benefit than the opportunity to network with some of the best minds in the learning field. You owe it to yourself to include this on your upcoming reading list.”

Karen Kocher, Chief Learning Officer at Cigna

“Competitive advantage on the business landscape ...

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