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Building eCommerce Applications

Book Description

This collection of articles and blog entries is representative of the full spectrum of commerce-related content we’ve published on PayPal’s Developer Network over the past year. You will find tutorials and quick reference pieces for developers. With the creation of x.commerce we have expanded our coverage to address the needs of eBay and Magento developers and you can expect to see more content focused on helping both the developer and merchant communities in the coming year.

Our team has covered a wide variety of topics including building mobile shopping carts, QR codes, working with various PayPal APIs, including how to integrate PayPal with other technologies such as WordPress. Three main themes have emerged in the commerce world today: Mobile, Social, and Local. Expect to see more coverage of these in the coming months.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. 1. Creating a Mobile Enabled Shopping Cart with HTML5, jQuery, and TaffyDB, Part 1
    1. Step 1: Set Up the Tutorial Directory on Your Web Server
    2. Step 2: Provide the Entire Product Catalog in JSON Format from the eCommerce System
    3. Step 3: Set Up the Catalog HTML Page
    4. Step 4: Load the Product Catalog in JSON Format from the eCommerce System
    5. Step 5: Display the Store View
    6. Step 6: Display the Category View
    7. Step 7: Display the Product View
    8. Step 8: Style the Links and Buttons
    9. That’s It
  3. 2. Creating a Mobile Enabled Shopping Cart with HTML5, jQuery, and TaffyDB, Part 2
    1. Step 1: Bind the Add to Cart Button to the addToCart() Function
    2. Step 2: Initialize the HTML5 Cart Database
    3. Step 3: Store the Product Information in the cartItems Database
    4. Step 4: Add the HTML for the Cart View and Bind the View Cart Button to the demo.viewCart() Function
    5. Step 5: Display the Cart
    6. Step 6: Format the Cart View
    7. Step 7: Stringify the Cart to Send to the Server
    8. Step 8: Clear the Cart Contents
    9. That’s It
  4. 3. Analyzing Open Data for Fun (and Profit?), Part 1
    1. Getting the World Bank Data
    2. Loading the Data into MySQL
    3. Downloading Google Visualization Tools
    4. Configuring a Visualization Web App with Tomcat
    5. Implementing and Querying a SQL Data Source
    6. Next Steps...
  5. 4. Analyzing Open Data for Fun (and Profit?), Part 2
    1. Implementing Table and Line Chart Visualizations
    2. Creating an Event-Driven Line Chart Application
    3. Next Steps
    4. Until Next Time
  6. 5. Analyzing Open Data for Fun (and Profit?), Part 3
    1. PayPal X: Your Global Payment Platform
    2. Dollars and Sense
    3. Adaptive Payments Configuration
    4. V-Rupees for Graphs
    5. Generating a Pay Key with the AdaptivePayments API
    6. Kickstart the Embedded Payments Flow
    7. Handling Payment Responses
    8. Wrapping Up
  7. 6. Build an MLM Engine with Neo4j and MassPay, Part 1
    1. What Is Multi-Level Marketing?
    2. MLMs Are Graphs
    3. The Design and Implementation of an MLM Engine
    4. Traversing the Graph to Compute Commissions
    5. Wrapping Things Up
  8. 7. Build an MLM Engine with Neo4j and MassPay, Part 2
    1. Introduction
    2. Defining the Class
    3. Authentication and API Resolution
    4. Making the Call
    5. Putting It All Together
  9. 8. Getting Started with PayPal on Django
    1. Introduction
    2. Requirements
      1. Paypal Accounts
        1. PDT (Payment Data Transfer)
      2. Django
      3. Sample Application
    3. Running the Sample Application
      1. Configuration
      2. Database
      3. Web Server
    4. A Basic Payment Workflow
      1. The Model
      2. URL Mappings
      3. Step 1—List Content Available for Purchase
      4. Step 2—Attempt to Access Content
      5. Step 3—Purchase Content
      6. Step 4—Verify Payment
        1. PDT validation
      7. Step 5—Successful Purchase
    5. Further Enhancements
    6. Conclusion
    7. Further Information and Other Resources
  10. 9. Accelerate Your Development Using the Apigee API Console
    1. What Is the Apigee PayPal API Console?
    2. APIs Available to You in the Console
    3. Using the Console
    4. Linking Calls Together
    5. Other Apigee Consoles You Might Want to Check Out
    6. Accelerate Your Own Development
      1. About the Author
  11. 10. Interview with iConcessionStand
    1. About the Author
  12. 11. Magento, Part 1: How to Install Magento
    1. Comparing the Editions
    2. Server Requirements
    3. Installing Magento, Step 1: Download, Extract, and Upload
    4. Installing Magento, Step 2: Set Up Permissions
    5. Installing Magento, Step 3: Creating the Database
    6. Installing Magento, Step 4: Run the Setup Wizard
    7. Installing Magento, Step 5: Verify the Installation
    8. Next Steps
      1. About the Author
  13. 12. Magento, Part 2: How to Set Up Your Magento Store
    1. Creating Categories
    2. Adding a Product in your Magento Store
    3. Wrapping Up
    4. About the Author
  14. 13. Magento, Part 3: Accepting PayPal Payments
    1. How to Accept Payments with PayPal in Magento
    2. Wrapping Up
      1. About the Author
  15. 14. Magento, Part 4: Integrating Magento and WordPress Using the FishPig Extension
    1. Integrating Magento and WordPress with FishPig
    2. Wrapping Up
      1. About the Author
  16. 15. The Convergence of Local, Social, and Mobile, Part 1: Local
    1. Breaking Silos
    2. Defining Local
    3. The Evolution of Local
      1. Phase 1: Pre–personal transportation and technology
      2. Phase 2: Introduction of personal transportation
      3. Phase 3: The information “superhighway”
    4. Share Your Thoughts
      1. About the Author
  17. 16. The Convergence of Local, Social, and Mobile, Part 2: Social
    1. Briefly Defining Social
    2. The Evolution of Social
      1. Phase 1: “Can I borrow your goat?”
      2. Phase 2: Pen pals, trade, and travel
      3. Phase 3: The rise of instant communication
    3. A Final Note on Social Media
    4. Share Your Thoughts
      1. About the Author
  18. 17. The Convergence of Local, Social, and Mobile, Part 3: Mobile
    1. The Evolution of Mobile
      1. Phase 1: Can you hear me now?
      2. Phase 2: The “G” wars
      3. Phase 3: The phone gets a brain and learns to surf
        1. Observation #1: Smartphones + Tablets > PC shipments
        2. Observation #2: Social is driving mobile adoption
        3. Observation #3: Time spent talking on smartphones is minimal
        4. Observation #4: Mobile is revolutionizing commerce online and IRL
    2. Stay Tuned
    3. Share Your Thoughts
      1. About the Author
  19. 18. The Convergence of Local, Social, and Mobile, Part 4: The Convergence
    1. First, A Look at the Data
    2. What Does This Mean for the Future of Local, Social, and Mobile?
    3. Share Your Thoughts
      1. About the Author
  20. 19. To Catch a (Quantum) Thief
    1. Data Security in the Quantum Age
    2. The Downside
    3. Bad News
    4. Hacking Accelerated
    5. Game Changer
    6. 5 to 10
  21. 20. 10 Best Practices for Employing QR Codes
    1. Size Matters (the Bigger, the Better)
    2. Short Is Sweet
    3. Location Matters
    4. Know Why You’re Using It
    5. Make It Count
    6. A Little Goes a Long Way
    7. Tell People How to Use It
    8. Provide an Alternative
    9. Respect the Border
    10. Bring the Wow
      1. About the Author
  22. 21. Integrating Payments into WordPress, Part 1: Features and Getting Started
    1. What Is WordPress?
    2. WordPress Documentation
    3. Installing WordPress
    4. First Steps After Installation
    5. Coming Next Time
      1. About the Author
  23. 22. Integrating Payments into WordPress, Part 2: PayPal Plugins
    1. Extending WordPress with Plugins
    2. Plugin Recommendations
    3. PayPal Plugins
    4. Plugin Learnings and Where They’ll Take Us
      1. About the Author
  24. 23. Integrating Payments into WordPress, Part 3: Build Your Own PayPal Plugin
    1. A Note About PHP
    2. Understanding “The Loop”
    3. The Anatomy of a WordPress Plugin
    4. PayPal Functionality in Our Plugin
    5. Deploying and Testing the Plugin
    6. Things to Learn from This WordPress Series
      1. About the Author
  25. 24. Crowd Marketing
    1. Viral Isn’t a Plan—It Is a Consequence
    2. Making a Good Fire
    3. What Happened?
    4. Life Ahead Is eBay Without Having to Ship Stock from the Attic
    5. Let Them Buy Wholesale and Distribute
    6. Fans, Friends, Launchpads, and New Markets
    7. About the Author
  26. 25. Bitcoin: Money Without Governments
    1. What Is Bitcoin?
    2. Acquiring and Storing Bitcoins
    3. Using and Accepting Bitcoins
    4. Threats and Opportunities
      1. About the Author
  27. Copyright