Chapter 4: Getting Sharp Focus and Setting Drive Modes

For anyone who had the Canon EOS 60D and waited for the 70D, one of the top items on the wish list was an upgraded autofocus system. That upgrade came in spades with the 70D. Going from what now seems like a paltry nine autofocus (AF) points, the 70D has 19 AF points for viewfinder shooting. The new revolutionary autofocus in Live View ( liveviewshoot.eps ) and Movie ( movieshooting.eps ) modes also promises to set new industry standards.

Whether you are shooting one image at a time or you are blasting out the maximum burst of images as players move across a soccer field, the 70D’s autofocus is quick and accurate, and it offers three autofocus modes and an array of new focusing options to refine focusing for different subjects and scenes.


The 70D provides fast, sharp focus, as well as a wide selection of focusing options. Exposure: ISO 200, f/5.6, 1/320 second+1/3 exposure compensation.

Understanding the Autofocus System

It’s important to know that sharp focus ultimately involves three factors: The resolving power of the lens, the resolution of the sensor, and the resolution of the printer. Printing images is beyond the scope of this book, and I hope that you’re ...

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